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Developing and Implementing State Olmstead Plans to Increase Access to Community-based services for Adults with Serious Mental Illnesses or Children with Serious Emotional Disturbances

This webinar will discuss strategies and considerations for the design and implementation of Olmstead plans. Kevin Martone, who has helped states with Olmstead planning and implementation and, as New Jersey's mental health commissioner, developed an Olmstead plan and resolved statewide Olmstead litigation, will speak about what factors to consider in developing an Olmstead plan, what good Olmstead plans should include, what challenges are presented in Olmstead planning and how to overcome them. He will also discuss challenges and strategies for effective implementation of Olmstead plans. Harvey Rosenthal, who has led New York's statewide association of people who use and/or provide recovery-oriented mental health services and has been an active participant in New York's Olmstead planning processes, will speak about how to ensure involvement of organizations representing individuals with lived experience with the mental health system in the development and implementation of Olmstead plans, the range of stakeholders to be included, the types of concerns that should be addressed, the challenges that have arisen from the perspective of those advocating for community integration, and what steps have been most effective to promote the development of sufficient recovery-oriented services in the most integrated setting appropriate.

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