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Who is Taking Care of You? A Self Care Webinar with National Expert Sue Badeau

A webinar presented by the National Family Support Technical Assistance Center - April 2021

Description: In the mental health and substance use fields, whether as parents, caregivers, professionals or community advocates, we must address a wide array of child and family needs while following agency regulations, policies and paperwork. In recent times, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, increased racial unrest and frequent natural disasters, we are finding that we must do this and more without our usual resources, tools or approaches. Meanwhile, we are faced with our own emotions – grief, loss, anger, confusion, frustration – and the very real impact of secondary trauma. How do we cope with this mix of emotions while also doing our job? This webinar will help participants understand, express and cope with their emotions and create a self-care plan to develop resilience in the face of uncertainty and circumstances that change daily.

  • Watch the recording here.
  • Access the presentation slides here.
  • Learn more about Sue Badeau here.

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