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Rethinking Substance Use An Earlier and Broader Approach

This webinar, with national experts Greg Dicharry and Linda Richter, Ph.D., describes the early factors that influence a child’s risk and resilience for substance use and what parents need to know.

Webinar Description: A growing body of research on the effects of adverse and positive childhood experiences, along with neuroscientific evidence emerging from the National Institute on Drug Abuse and other research groups, have made it increasingly clear that the roots of addiction risk and resilience are planted very early in life. This webinar will describe the early and broad factors that influence a child’s risk and resilience for substance use and addiction and what is needed to more effectively address these issues going forward. To better protect our nation from experiencing the next substance use and addiction crisis, we must intervene at the earliest stages of life and continue through all stages of development, address the root causes of substance use, and promote youth health and resilience via a family-based approach.

Learning Objectives:

  • Establish a framework for an earlier and broader approach to addressing youth substance use and addiction
  • Describe the impact of early experiences on neurological, cognitive, and emotional development
  • Explore the protective factors that can forestall and mitigate the effects of adverse experiences, including COVID, on children’s risk for substance use and addiction
  • To develop tools that families can use as they support their loved ones

Webinar Recording

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