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Breaking the Cycle: Families Supporting Youth and Young Adults in the Justice System?

This webinar was hosted by the National Family Support Technical Assistance Center.

Descripton: The justice system has grown and changed over time. Having a?youth or young adult in the justice system can be scary. This webinar will focus on ways to engage families in the justice system,?teach parents/caregivers how to advocate for young people and offer lived experiences as examples of successful outcomes.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Learn a 4-pronged approach to family engagement in the justice system
  2. Learn how family engagement can influence positive outcomes for individuals and systems and reduce recidivism rate in the adult system
  3. Learn how caregivers can become advocates for their child involved in the justice system
  4. Learn tips and tools to elevate family voice in services, treatment, and case planning via the justice system
  • Listen to the recording here.
  • See the presentation slides here.


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