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Self-Care for Parents, Caregivers and Family Members

This online course provided by the National Federation of Families offers parents and caregivers insight, knowledge and tools to help them incorporate self-care strategies into their daily lives. You may self-enroll in the course here or sign up here using the following join code: JXPLPP.

The learning objectives for this course in self-care are as follows:

1. To learn why self-care is important at every stage of your journey

  • Define self-care

  • Explain its’ importance

2. To learn to recognize when you need self-care

  • Self-discovery around personal trigger points and your personal responses to stress

3. To explore self-care strategies that work for you

  • Activities to brainstorm self-care practices

4. To learn how to help guide others toward self-care

  • Connecting them to resources and services

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